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At Home With Niran Vinod

We’ve recently been catching up with a number of hard-working men who’ve made the switch to working from home, either full time or on a part time basis. Whether that’s because of growing families or the need to lead a more flexible and sometimes entrepreneurial lifestyle, we’ve spoken with them about their positive shift to remote working.

Next up we have Niran Vinod, who works as a Product Strategist at Instagram and Facebook. Having recently welcomed his first child, we sat down with Niran at his home to find out how he finds a balance between family life, working for a big corporation and how he got to the stage that he bought his office home.

Can you explain what your role at Instagram / Facebook is?

I’m a Product Strategist within the Creative Shop team. My role involves working on creative tools for small to medium sized businesses.

How did you get to this point in your career?

A lot of my career really stemmed from running side projects outside of my day to day job at advertising agencies. It helped me push myself out of my comfort zone, create without client restrictions and expand my skill set and network.

What does a typical day entail for you? How do you keep productive/motivated?

I generally wake up at 5:30, head into work by 6:30 and do emails for a hour from 7:30-8:30. My role involves working with California HQ so I usually wake up to a bunch of emails and messages that I’ve missed. The rest of the work day really varies from meetings, design crits and putting my head down to get some work done.

In the past it was more common for an artist to have a live work situation - technology is allowing for more and more people to work from home - do you think this is a good trend? How can companies use this for their benefit? How can employees benefit from this?

I definitely think it’s a good trend, as it allows for more flexibility, employee happiness and trust between them and the employer. I think it’s a great way for companies to attract talent and for employees, it’s nice to be able to work from home and be with family (especially if you have kids) – allowing for working parents to do the school run for example.

Would you recommend working from home to others?

For sure. I used to struggle a lot with it but it’s really finding a place in the house that works for you and is free of distractions.

Work life balance is something that a lot of people are talking about and trying hard to achieve? How do you achieve it?

I take each day as it comes. Balance is an unattainable goal that everyone seeks, I think it’s about building healthy habits to maintain good work practice. I’m trying to stop looking at my work phone as soon as it hits 6/6:30pm.

Is exercise important to you? How do you exercise?

It is now. I lost my mojo for two years with a lot of changes in my life from marriage, moving in together and work travel. Eating healthy and training brings me peace of mind and I feel better about myself.

Is exercise an important break from work for you, mainly to clear your mind?

100%. I come back with endorphin energy to focus.

After a workout what do you wear?

I generally pop on a hoody and walk back to the office.

What do you look for in the clothes you buy?

Cut/fit and comfort are the main things that I look for.

How does how you dress reflect you? Does it?

Style for me is who you are before you even say a word. I don’t really dress based on mood.

Do you dress differently when you’re at home?

For sure! I’m always dressed down, usually shorts and a comfy t-shirt or sweat.