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Christmas Day with menswear writer Jordan Bunker

We caught up with menswear writer Jordan Bunker to discuss his festive traditions and find out his ideal Christmas outfit.

Where do you spend your Christmas and who with?

Most years I spend Christmas Day at home in Leicester with my mum, dad and sister. This year we’ve got a couple other relatives joining us who have a little one so I guess I’m on baby entertaining duties.

Do you still have a stocking?

Oh yes. We have some rather old school (read: quaint and glittery) stockings laid out by the fireplace. You can’t break tradition!

If so, what would you like to be in it this year?

For my family, stockings contain the smaller sweet treats that’ll usually be consumed throughout the festive period.

What to wear on Christmas Day

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas Day? 

It’s food all the way for me. I don’t think there’s any other day where you have the excuse of eating and drinking to excess without judgement... I like that.

What are your Christmas traditions?

As a child we used to always go to our Grandad’s on Christmas morning, but that has now shifted to all of us gathering on Boxing Day. There’s around fifty of us in total in our wider family so the day after Christmas is always fun.

What’s your ideal Christmas outfit? 

In the morning I keep it quite casual with loungewear, before changing into something a little smarter for Christmas dinner. No shirts though. Rather unwillingly I’ll end up with a Christmas cracker crown on before the night is over.

Jordan Bunker: @jordanbunker