How The Trunk Is Made– Hamilton and Hare

How The Trunk Is Made

What is seamless?

Seamless technology has been used in the sportswear arena for several years but rarely seen outside of this category. We were inspired to bring it to underwear in our quest to deliver ultimate comfort for men.

The seamless construction moulds to your individual body shape for the perfect fit, preventing any chafing or irritation.

The circular knitting process allows for panels of different tensions and textures for different parts of the body, such as the waist and thigh, all without additional fabrics and seams. It also ensures minimal wastage with fabric as each piece is made direct from the yarns.

Each trunk is made to order by our factory partner in Portugal and quality checked and tested by a team of experienced experts.

We have worked hard to blend craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to create a product that we are truly proud of.