How To Care For Linen– Hamilton and Hare

How To Care For Linen

Looking after the things we buy is an important step towards a more sustainable fashion industry. Linen is a tough, durable fabric that gets better with age and will never pill. Here are a few tips for keeping it looking fresh.


1) Natural linen has antibacterial properties which can prevent germs and bad smells from spreading. Wash sparingly at 30 degrees with a mild detergent.

2) Linen has a tendency to crumple, but washing on a low spin cycle can reduce creasing and don’t overfill the machine. Removing items from the machine as soon as they're done is also a good idea.

3) Tumble dryers and linen are not friends. Steer well clear. Hang dry your linen item, ideally outside if you can and let shirts dry on a padded hanger, it will dry much more quickly than other fabrics due to to its. open weave construction.

4) Dry linen doesn't iron particularly well, so keep the fabric damp and use plenty of steam. Embrace the creases as the unique charm of the fabric.

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