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How To Care For Your Pyjamas

Your pyjama washing routine might not be top of mind and that's more than understandable. Because you are asleep, it’s not easy to compute how many hours wear they’ve had in the same way you do your underwear or everyday clothing.

But that’s not a reason to skip laundry days. In fact pyjamas are the second most important item in your wardrobe to keep clean, after your underwear, because they are worn against your skin.

The average person sheds 40,00 skin cells every day and these contain bacteria that is harmless on your skin but if it gets in the wrong place, (like your blood stream through a small cut) they can cause problems.


If you wear a set of pyjamas for 3 nights that's the equivalent of 24 hours straight wear at which point an everyday t-shirt would certainly need a wash. While you sleep your body temperature is usually higher than when awake and you're also likely to sweat more, especially if you are stressed or have been drinking in the evening. For this reason pyjamas should be lightweight, breathable and ideally moisture-wicking too. Choose an absorbent fabric like cotton, lyocell or other natural fibres. Lyocell is particularly good as it has natural antibacterial properties too.


And for the washing, we recommend a laundry cycle of no more than 3 -4 night’s before you need a clean pair so at least three sets in rotation should make this manageable. Washing at 30 degrees with a normal detergent is enough to kill all bacteria so there's no need to boil them but regular washing is essential.