A dressing gown is a timeless classic. Often underestimated, a good one gets daily use and solves all manner of wardrobe interims – after a shower, early morning tea-making and the impromptu doorbell. 

Jack Nicholson, Cannes Film Festival 1974.

When we set about designing the perfect robe we roadtested everything on the market and set about fixing all the irritations we found. Number one on the list was the waist tie. All our cotton dressing gowns have integrated waist ties to avoid any irritation in losing it or finding it dropped out of one belt loop. Number two was ‘wizard-flare’ sleeves that drip in your tea or the sink; all our robes have narrow cuffs to avoid this. Number three was the one-size-fits-all shape, our robes are cut with a slimline modern silhouette that offers ultimate comfort and is flattering too.

Our range of all natural, sustainable cotton robes offers various weights and styles. The original double-faced towelling robe is inspired by a hooded boxer’s robe with a sumptuous Egyptian loop-towel cotton lining, deep pockets and a textured cotton outer. Highly absorbent, this robe is perfect for after a shower and can be used instead of a towel to get you dry in minutes. You can also personalise this dressing gown with your initials or nickname for a great gift. 

If you prefer something a little lighter weight, more suitable to general lounging our jersey ergo robe is the answer. Made from a premium cotton loopback jersey sweat it feels like a luxurious body tracksuit. With three-piece lined hood and ergonomic seams for a slimline silhouette.