Next in our interview series we caught up with Nadav Heyman filmmaker and writer living and working in Los Angeles. His recent play ‘Fishing’ stars Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm from Mad Men fame and is currently on at Mass MoCA arts centre in Massachusetts. We spent the morning with Nadav at the iconic Beverly Laurel Hotel to hear a bit more about what life is like as a creative in LA and in return he roadtested some of our new summer loungewear, inspired by LA living and the Southern Californian landscape.

1. How would you describe your career, what do you ‘do’ for a living?

I have no idea! I shoot in a lot of different directions and get hired under different roles... As a writer, director or actor. Even within those categories are subcategories. My film work is split, in a way, into narrative pieces that I make with my creative partner, Erez Heiman, and art pieces that I make alone (experimental and movement based films), each landing me in different worlds with different audiences. Often these worlds know nothing of each other, which is funny. I've made a nice living being in front of the camera in various TV commercials, and I can promise you that 99% of the people I meet on set don't know that I make films or write short stories. This wide net I've cast is a blessing and a curse. It keeps things interesting and inspired-work never goes stale-but every once in a while it jolts me with a 'what are you doing with your life?' feeling.

2. Where is home? First thing you do when you get home?

That sounds like an easy question but it's not. Not sure where home is - not exactly sure what home is. I suppose my family feels like home, so wherever they are. First thing I do is give kisses and hugs, and wait for my mom to tell me that I look tall.

3. What’s the achievement you’re most proud of to date?

Five or six years ago I was offered a full time position as a social worker (I studied psychology in college). I had no money at the time, hadn't booked a commercial, hadn't made a film, didn't know how a camera worked, and this was an opportunity to take an interesting job that would pay me well and give me stability. The thing I'm most proud of is turning that job down. It felt like a fork in the road. I wasn't ready to give up on my artistic ambitions, and I decided I could withstand a few more years in my decrepit studio apartment with the family of mice living under my sink. A year or two later, I had a breakthrough.

4. How would you describe your wardrobe?

Way too many jackets and blazers for Los Angeles life, that's the main way I'd describe it. I usually wear jeans and t-shirt, but I have a few edgier items that I play around with. (Edgy in my book.. I don't think Kanye would call me edgy).

5. Any other projects in the pipeline?

Always! I'm editing my next narrative short with Erez which should be done this summer. It's called Jackie & The Rats and it's going to be magnificent. Other than that, I have a few short art films in the works that I'll be releasing soon.

6. How do you relax and unwind? What does your perfect Sunday look like?

Read, cook, take a walk, meet a friend for coffee, play my ukulele, watch an episode of The Office. Sounds like every day though... I really should be more relaxed than I am.

7. Last holiday? Favourite moment from it?

I can't remember the last time I properly celebrated a holiday. I was in Chiang Mai for Chanukah last year so I went and bought a donut that reminded me of a 'sufganya (a delicious kind of donut with jelly in the middle) that brought back some warm memories.

8. What are you travel essentials?

My only real essential is my ukulele which gives me a sense of security, and a black blazer so I can pretend to be fancy, and a granola bar in case I can't find any vegan food.

9. Favourite Hamilton and Hare item and why?

I never thought I'd be picky about my underwear, but the Hamilton and Hare briefs are changing the game.