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MAN&BOY Collaboration

In collaboration with Man & Boy, we are delighted to launch a limited edition matching set of classic boxer shorts for men and boys.

All profits from the sale of the boxers will be donated to the London-based charity Man & Boy. The organisation aims to help foster positive father and son relationships through adventure camping weekends and other outdoor activities. By spending time together, they are able to increase confidence in boys who are struggling and empower them to reach their full potential as well as support men to be positive role models. From the collaboration we are aiming to raise enough money to support 20+ Man & Boy partners to attend a relationship-building camp over the summer. Thank you for your support.


We sat down with founder of MAN&BOY Trevor Quy, to tell us about the important work his organisation does for men and boys in advance of a special collaboration.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I live in South West London with my wife. I have 3 grown-up children and 3 grandchildren. I love sport. I enjoyed a 30-year career in policing before retiring in 2009 and founding the charity, MAN&BOY.

What does Man & Boy Do?

We work with boys aged between 8 and 12 who are struggling with life. We support them by providing activities to spend time with their father or a father figure, such as step-dad, uncle or grandad. Our programme of camps and other relationship building events is full of fun and is specifically designed to help the men and boys grow closer together and build stronger attachments, which in turn leads to increased self-esteem and confidence. We have found our programme, which works with groups of 12 families at a time, to have a profound impact on many of the men and boys taking part. In a way, it’s what many fathers do and have done with their children, and I guess MAN&BOY provides a framework and support for families who need a little help.

What prompted you to start Man & Boy?

A young man wrote to me 10 years after a mentoring programme I’d been leading in which he had taken part during a low point in his life. He wanted to tell me that the relationship I had built with him during this time had given him the confidence to turn his life around and he had now taken a university degree and started his first graduate job. At that moment I realised what a difference we can make to others through building positive, encouraging relationships. By being non-judgemental and believing in someone builds trust and confidence and safety, empowering them to make positive changes in their lives.

Why is Man & Boy so important?

In my time as a police officer I came across countless boys who didn’t have significant adult men in their lives; someone to love, support and encourage them. I saw how damaging this can be, especially when those around us are discouraging and disinterested. I also know for myself and for my children what a difference we can make to those close to us by a giving them positive attention and being interested and encouraging; Loving them for who they are. MAN&BOY is not the whole answer and doesn’t claim to be, but it often acts as a catalyst for change, a new beginning, a ‘hard reset’ if you like, for families to re connect and start again.

What’s your proudest moment with Man & Boy so far?

There are so many. The proudest moments are at the end of each and every camp. The stories of change and transformation that are told, often in tears by the men and boys. Stories of relationships reconciled, a willingness to start again and really listen to each other and begin to restore their relationships. This makes it all worthwhile.

Any words of advice to those who this might resonate with?

To the dads out there, I’d say; spend time with your children, playing with them and listening to them. Encourage them and believe in them, as these simple things are vital in building their self-esteem. Give children your TIME.

How can we get involved with the programme?

We rely on volunteers to give practical support at our camps and courses, as well as needing people to help run the charity. As we grow MAN&BOY needs more help so consider getting involved. All necessary training, such as safeguarding, will be provided.

How can we get involved with the programme?

The charity needs three things to thrive; men & boys to take part, volunteers to give practical support, and funding to pay for the costs incurred to make MAN&BOY happen. By giving a small regular donation to MAN&BOY we can plan ahead, knowing there are finances to cover future costs. This is the most helpful support you can give. Visit for details.

What’s next for the organisation?

We recognise that all children, boys and girls, need positive, nurturing significant adults in their lives, in order to help build positive self-esteem. We are piloting a family camp this summer and hope to develop a programme of events for girls with fathers in the near future.


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