Sale Edit by Matthew Spade– Hamilton and Hare

Sale Edit by Matthew Spade

Bored of scrolling through the sales? Menswear writer Matthew Spade of Buckets and Spades, chooses his favourite pieces from our Winter Sale, so you don’t have to.

"Versatility is a quality I hold as a high priority with any of my clothing choices - I want to be able to wear my casual gear while relaxing at home, down at the gym, or grabbing a catch-up coffee with friends. The grey workout overlayer is the perfect adaptable piece, which will see you well on most occasions".

"The plain white t-shirt is a firm favourite in most peoples’ wardrobe, and mine is no exception. It’s my base layer, all year around, and what makes this one a little more special is the Pima cotton construction."

"A slight gripe for me is how most joggers you see just seem a little too scruffy - the fits just aren’t quite right for me. These navy Twin Seam joggers feature a twin seam and the brand’s trademark technical spacer knit, which gives these a higher level of interest and comfort. The straight hem also makes them feel slightly more modern than their cuffed counterparts."


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