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Sleep Right

No one has enough and everyone wishes they had more. No, not money. The most coveted thing on earth, apparently, is sleep.

Neuroscientist Matthew Walker's bestselling book Why We Sleep - digs deep into the benefits of shut-eye in no subtle way.

People who take sleep seriously, that is to say get enough of it, and respect it can enjoy the benefits of being slimmer, happier, more intelligent and less likely to develop cancer and diabetes. It wards off the common cold, flu, depression and anxiety. Professor Walker doesn't sugar-coat anything; he is emphatic in his belief that society's lack of knowledge about sleep - and the damage a lack of the stuff can do to us - is a huge problem. Put it this way, regularly getting less than seven hours' sleep a night is as problematic as smoking and binge drinking. The body loses control of its blood sugar levels, which increases hunger, immunity dips making us more susceptible to colds and illness, toxic cells accumulate in the brain making us more likely to develop Alzheimer's.

And yet so many of us are limping along on only a few hours per night, telling ourselves that Thatcher did it, so it must be possible.

A large part of not sleeping well is surely to do with the increased amount of exposure we all have to technology. Using laptops in bed, dropping off to Netflix, checking emails when we wake up in the middle of night - we've all done it, allowing us to feel distracted, fraught and wide eyed when we really should be the opposite.

To get the best night's sleep possible one should to avoid caffeine and alcohol, be in a pitch-black space - all technology should be in another room overnight. But Walker's golden rule is to set aside the opportunity for eight hours of sleep every night, crucially nodding off and waking at the same times every single day.

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