Softer-than-silk sleepwear made from eucalyptus wood pulp

Introducing our new range of jersey sleepwear made from a cotton and eucalyptus wood pulp blend. This nanofibre is softer that silk and sustainable too, with a zero waste manufacturing process as well as being totally biodegradable.

Eucalyptus trees use 20 times less water than cotton plants and can thrive on land that’s not fertile for food crops. They require no fertilizers or pesticides. The fibre is made from the wood pulp and no chemicals are needed for extraction and it also requires less dying processes too.

This innovative fabric is antibacterial and hypoallergenic too. Unlike synthetics, moisture is absorbed into the fibres rather than staying on the surface which prevent bacteria from growing.

It’s lightweight silk-soft feel make it perfect for nightwear and underwear.

The range includes our bestseller boxer brief and boxer short styles as well as a sleepwear set with henley three button tee and sleep short or trouser option.

Conceived as a modern take on the woven pyjama this sleepwear range doesn’t need to be confined to the bedroom, it also works perfectly for evening lounging or a Sunday morning breakfast at home.