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Sunday Morning Suggestions

Sundays may not be thought of as the Sabbath anymore - but they remain a day of rest and relaxation. Or at least they should. In yesteryear, we’d have been congregating under a steeple. We can now be found congregating on social media or round a table of avocado on toast. But there is still a sense of coming together and we’re free to slow down and, to move at our own pace. Whatever you have in store for the rest of your day, we’ve rounded up some top picks and tips to dial up the satisfaction on Sunday morning to start this sacred day in the best way you can.



This ritual can be traced back centuries, spanning cultures and generations. Humans love coffee and its history is marked by a long-standing association with sugary pastry. There’s much debate surrounding the mythology of this soft, buttery, rich and mellow pairing. Some subscribe to the idea that the croissant (originally known as a Kipfel) was hatched after the Ottoman siege of Vienna, with Bakers rewarding civilians with the invention of a rich buttery treat twisted into the crescent shape of their Ottoman enemies flag. While others argue this is pure myth, and that recipes can be dated back as early as the 13th century. We’re not here to separate fact and fiction. But we are here to vouch for the heavenly combination of dough and bean. For best results, try and source your croissant as close to its exit from the oven, and focus on quality when brewing your first cup at home. We recommend the experts at Origin for a great brew, try their fruity Colombian blend ‘San Fermin’. You can find all their products at:


In a fast-paced world, full of commitments and stressors, it’s vital to take the (few available) opportunities to treat ourselves. Breakfast is the perfect chance to give yourself some well-deserved love. At the heart of a good breakfast are quality ingredients. Beyond nourishment, we’re looking to enhance our day. Here are three ways to do just that:


Eggs Benedict (the Shaun Hill way)

An unctuous and delicate tower of muffin, ham, hollandaise and poached eggs (the best way to have egg’s). Try this classic yourself, we recommend following the advice of Shaun Hill. You can find the full recipe in Salt is Essential: And Other Things I Have Learned From 50 Years at the Stove by Shaun Hill.


The not-so humble, Avocado on toast (ask Jamie)

Avocados are taking over the world. And so is this two-ingredient breakfast. And for good reason. We recommend upgrading with a few extra ingredients, to give it a bit of ‘va-va-voom’. If you want to go all out, chorizo jam, red pepper salsa, egg and avocado on toast will hit the spot. Or, you could try pimping up your avo on toast with slow roasted tomatoes. Try this recipe by Jamie Oliver:

For the sweet-toothed

Some of us like to eat dessert for breakfast. What better than a Sunday for such indulgence? Decadent French toast stuffed with sweet cream-cheese and topped with the berries of your choice. Drizzle on some maple syrup and you’ve thoroughly indulged that sweet tooth of yours. Try this foodie blogger’s recipe:


We’re big believers in indulging in quality TLC, be it the right fabrics for your loungewear, or the right beans for your brew. But we’re also of the opinion that TLC as much mental as it is physical, and finding a good playlist can make all difference. We’ve put together some of our favourite Sunday mornings songs to give your morning a relax-inducing backdrop:



However you plan to make the most of your Sunday, what you wear should be treated as a priority. Loungewear that is breathable and gloriously soft are key ingredients to ensuring you squeeze out every available drop of comfort and relaxation.

Our loungewear is specifically designed for its purpose and has been through countless wearer tests to ensure it delivers. Made from the finest natural fabrics, our range of cotton flannel pyjamas, super soft sweats and premium cotton dressing gowns are perfect for Sunday mornings.