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The Best Travel Tips for Frequent Flyers

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Spending a lot of time on planes is a necessary evil for many of our customers. In fact, it was one of our customers who provided the original inspiration for our bestseller Travel Blazer. “I need a suit I can sleep in” were their exact words during a visit to our flagship store on Chiltern Street. We decided to take up the challenge and create the perfect travel range for men which extends to travel shirts, trousers and blazers. The aim was to combine comfort and functionality with a tailored silhouette that made it comfortable enough to sleep in and smart enough to go straight to a meeting the other end.




In our quest to help make travelling a little less painful we’ve rounded up some top travel tips and tricks from our own customers and some of our favourite travel products too:


1. A good suitcase

Our current favourite is US brand Away. Inspired by hundreds of real-life travellers they set out to make the perfect carry-on luggage. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. Complete with inbuilt phone charger, travel adaptor and laundry bag. It’s lightweight and has clever multi-direction wheels that mean it rolls through the terminal like a dream: A total gamechanger for your journey and with our men's travel range able to pack flat without creasing, you'll be able to take all your Hamilton and Hare favourites with you.

2. Get a good seat

The difference between a great flight and hours of hell can be as simple as your seat position. An aisle seat by the loos or a bulkhead window are worlds apart. Download an app called Seat Guru and get seat maps for most of the major carriers and their different plane configurations. You can search by flight number before you check in and make sure you get the best spot.

3. What to wear on a plane

Key considerations for your travel wardrobe should be temperature regulation, comfort and versatility. Changes in climate as well as harsh air-conditioning mean your body temperature can go up and down quickly. Choose natural fibres such as our Hamilton and Hare cotton, lyocell or Tencel with 100% breathability and open weave fabric constructions such as pique travel shirt and waffle textures for better temperature regulation. Wearing layers is also key so you can adjust to suit difference climates. Choose soft structure, loose clothing that won’t crease too much in your seat and won’t restrict your movements or blood flow. Make sure your underwear is comfortable too, 5 hours in a seat could be unbearable if your underwear needs constant adjustment.

4. How to beat jet lag

Exercise is key to beating jet lag. Pack your trainers and a pair of our Sports Trunks and get some exercise on arrival. Just 30-40 minutes is enough to enhance your circadian rhythms and promote a better sleep cycle. A study of hamsters found that those that ran on
an exercise wheel adjusted to a new lab-created time zones in under two days while those that did no exercise took more than eight days to adjust. There’s some more recent research, also with hamsters, that points to Viagra as another cure for jet lag – it expands blood vessels to enable the body clock to adjust to new time zones more quickly. Obviously that tip comes with a warning of notable side effects...

5. Stay healthy

A brutal travel schedule can take it out of you. A combination of poor air quality, broken sleep and lack of routine is not a good recipe for wellbeing. 15th Degree make a series of easy to use health supplements to counteract the side effects of travelling with specific supplements in powder form to enhance rest, health and performance. Otherwise try and limit your alcohol intake if you can. Having a drink may feel like a deeply ingrained ritual of flying but in fact an aeroplane is the worst place to drink alcohol. With reduced oxygen levels and a humidity level of less than 20% (that’s about the same as the Sahara desert) the impact of alcohol on your body at altitude is greatly enhanced, particularly as a diuretic which leads to dehydration. This in turn dries out mucus membranes in your nose and throat which leaves you more susceptible to germs and getting ill. Avoid the temptation of the free bar and stick to water or soft drinks if you can.

6. Bring some home comforts

Studies have shown that a familiar smells of home environments or loved ones can reduce stress. If you use scented candles at home, pack a travel one for your hotel room to promote relaxation and reduce stress on arrival. Pack your favourite pyjamas and a pillow case with familiar laundry scent to help you get to sleep while you’re away and in a difference time zone.


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