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Our Sports Trunk Are A Gym Bag Essential

What lies beneath shouldn't be an afterthought

Pounding the pavement every morning before work. Tearing up and down the squash courts after a long week. Lifting, curling and jerking in the weight room… When you fuelled up and packed your bag before a tough workout, you carefully considered what to wear and what you’d eaten that day. You pondered over shoes, considering comfort and performance. You studied the fabric of your shorts and tee (we trust you’re not a vest guy) to ensure they were light, breathable and robust enough to give you what you needed. Maybe you even weighed out milligrams of caffeine, protein or another unpronounceable supplement to give you the extra push. It’s attention to the small details which makes the difference. And for all of this, you probably invested a good amount of money. But have you ever given much thought to putting on the right underwear to give you a foundation of comfort and free movement? If you haven’t, you could be depriving yourself of a much better experience.

Take substandard out of the equation

We’ve all been there. You arrive at the gym, going through the motions to get yourself in the right headspace for a heavy session. You get into a nice stride on the treadmill, or wriggle for comfort on the stationary bike… before the dawning realisation. You’ve got it entirely wrong when choosing which boxers, trunks or briefs to put on. And the rest of the workout is tainted with irritation and discomfort. Whether it’s the perennial riders which won’t stay put. The tighty-whities chafing your inner thighs. Or restrictive briefs not suited to free-flowing movement. It’s a small detail which makes a big difference. But how do you know what to pack for the session in the first place? You know when you’ve gotten it right, because you probably didn’t notice your underwear at all. But couldn’t you do better than that? We recommend you take it one step further than ‘not noticing’ your underwear, actively experiencing the glorious comfort, superior support and cooling breathability our premium men’s sports trunks are specifically engineered to provide.

Switch to our premium sports trunks for a better workout

Just like the breathable tee, or the recovery benefits of a post-workout shake, there’s a science to wearing the right underwear for your session. Having the right materials and fit won’t only elevate your experience, but your performance too. It shouldn’t be left down to guess work or hoping for the best. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. With innovation at the heart of our design process, we’ve taken into account every nuance of exercise, and its impact on you physically and mentally. We’re passionate about what we do and have considered everything that goes into getting a good sweat on.

But first...

Why they'll enhance your performance and mood

The famed cliché ‘dress for success’ holds weight here. The right underwear can provide the perfect place to start any workout. We all understand how an outfit will affect our confidence in the context of a big presentation, wedding reception or first date. And it’s much the same with sports underwear, as Toby Huntington-Whiteley (personal trainer at Kobox) says, our trunks are, “Like a hug for your butt”. The idea is to start your workout in a place of comfort, feeling utterly supported to put your best foot forward. We’ve expertly crafted these trunks to create a premium fit which feels like a second skin. Using elite materials, with the impact of intense exercise in mind, to ensure you’re able to move with total freedom even in the most intense of workouts. Boosting your performance and mood throughout.

Sweat-wicking technology for superior performance

Specially developed using sweat-wicking technology and mesh panelling for breathability, to ensure you’re not held back in your performance.

Seamfree fit

Lightweight, seam-free fit and integrated waistband contours perfectly with the individual body shape of the wearer.

Ease of movement

Four-way stretch support and minimal leg rolls even during the most intense workout

Using the most premium, finest fabrics for ultimate comfort

89% Polyamide, 8% Elastane, 3% Polypropylene. Designed in England, Made in Portugal.

Road tested by professionals

We’ve tested these out with professionals, who know what good workout gear truly feels like. Our sports trunks have been crafted with an uncompromising focus on fit with attention to detail and ultimate comfort. In fact, they’re so comfortable you might find yourself taking them for a spin beyond just your workout. Add a pair of our Sports Trunk to your gym bag today. Available in Atlas Blue, Club Green and Graphite.