Video Call Etiquette

Navigating this new world of working from home is going to take some time, but it’s most pressingly needed in the arena of the video conference. Here are our top five tips for this new working environment:

1. Be on time, never has tardiness been so frustrating for the others making awkward Covid small talk before everyone is online.


2. Frame the camera correctly. No one needs to see the inner workings of your nostrils. Set the camera at your eyeline, that often means elevating your laptop on a few books or a stand.


3. Remember your camera is on, even if you’re not looking at yourself. Be aware to stifle yawns and don’t pick your nails or worse.


4. Good daylight helps to ensure your facial expressions are clear. Avoid low lamplight unless you want to look like you’re in a seedy bar.


5. Think about what you’re wearing, it should be work appropriate (from the waist down too!) – a soft collar is a good option for a formal, flattering silhouette that’s comfortable too.