What underwear to choose for a wedding– Hamilton and Hare

What underwear to choose for a wedding

Dressing for a big event like a wedding, whether your own or someone else's, throws up a variety of issues; what suit to choose, whether to match your tie and pocket square and the colour of your socks. Making sure your underwear doesn’t tamper with your streamlined silhouette or leave you adjusting inappropriately should also be on the agenda

With the impending wedding season nearly in full swing, a man’s dress code can range from unhelpfully vague ‘smart casual’ to ‘black tie’ or ‘morning suits’. Either way, spotless formality is the order of the day and it’s the finer details that will make all the difference. That means your underwear too. Comfort and breathabilty are key, especially if it's a summer wedding. All our underwear is made from natural fibres to offer excellent breathablity and temperature regulation. Avoid synthetics as these are much less breathable and can be prone to odour too. Comfort is essential to avoid awkward adjustments but you should also consider your underwear as part of the entire outfit. Choose something that fits neatly and doesn't ruin the line of a tailored trouser and looks stylish too. 

This is especially true for the groom. If there is one day in your lifetime that you need to ensure you’ve hit jackpot with your underwear, it’s your wedding day. Matrimonial bliss does not start with shameful underwear. If there was ever a day that called for a brand new pair, this is it.

We have a range of embroidery options on a our woven boxer shorts that make an excellent choice for a memorable day. 

Monogrammed, dated or even a phrase, get your boxers embroidered. We offer this service on both our cashmere boxer and our woven classic boxer.


Rumour has it a pair of Hamilton and Hare will be walking up the aisle at the Royal Wedding this weekend. If it’s good enough for a Prince...

And if you’re not a boxers man, our slimline, seamfree tubular range sits perfectly under a formal tailored trouser and will guarantee all day comfort. No adjustment needed.