Out of sight, out of mind is not a maxim to subscribe to when it comes to underwear. As the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Whilst it might not be as visible as other parts of your wardrobe, the reveal is often crucial.

Recent evidence suggests that your choice of underwear has a direct impact on your mood. According to Mintel, Britain’s leading consumer analysis provider; “there is a strong emotional connection between putting on attractive underwear that fits well and feelings of positivity and mood enhancement”. So if you’re forking out on any other mood-enhancing activities, be it therapy or recreational drugs, your underwear might be an easier place to start.

There has historically been limited innovation in the underwear category; the traditional boxer short shape has changed very little from its original conception in the 1920s and is especially ill-suited to modern dressing and the prevalence of slim-fit trousers and drainpipe jeans.

Quality of construction and fabrics has also been overlooked; the overriding theme being an interchangeable product carried by brash branding and celebrity-endorsed marketing campaigns. Especially odd, when you consider it’s a garment that sits closest to your skin and endures the most intense wash and wear. Cheaper synthetic fabrics, borrowed from the sportswear sector have recently become popular, despite odour issues that make them fantastically inappropriate. Premium natural fabrics are a much better option as they are hypoallergenic, typically breathable and odour free and also offer the best durability when it comes to rigorous wash and wear.

There’s no doubt that comfort, delivered through fit and fabrics, is the most important thing to consider when upgrading your underwear drawer. But beyond that, you’re looking for a feeling of well-being as you pull them on in the morning that really does make a difference.