Limewood Hartnett Holder & Co

Good basics, done to perfection.  Not us, though now we mention it....but we digress.  Hartnett Holder & Co is that rare thing of a top dining experience that is not fussy or pretentious, but instead focuses on the best ingredients and then cooks them like only masters can.  A plate of smoked things from the Limewood smoke house was a strong start, followed by gnocchi and mushrooms that were so so good that a) we fought over our share and b) could have been entry level contestants in 'When Harry Met Sally', British propriety being the only thing that prevented us from taking starring roles.  The mains could not have been better and we nearly cried at pudding.  So yes, it was good, but then so should it be with Michelin starred Angela Hartnett at the helm and a strong food sourcing policy at the heart.  Have as many courses as you possibly can.  Share more.  Be happy that you can eat this well, be in the countryside, wear trainers at dinner and not look out of place.    
H&H Club perk:
Book a meal at Hartnett Holder & Co in the month of June and receive Arancini and a glass of Prosecco on arrival. To redeem, simply quote Hamilton & Hare and show a printed copy of this page.