Keep it simple: Introducing Gentleman's Brand Company

Hamilton and Hare | The Journal | Gentleman's Brand Co.

Three bottles.  That's what the three Australian guys (a creative, an entrepreneur and an alchemist) behind Gentleman's Brand Company condensed their men's skin care range into.  Fuelled by the ethos that a simple, no fuss approach to grooming is best (not to mention easiest).  As befits the confidence these guys have in their product, you can start with a tester pack so you can literally try before you buy.  Whilst there is a lot of hype around chemical free products, a lot of which is based on little fact, some chemicals such as parabens and sulphates have been shown to be harsh on skin - so it's good to know they are left out of all three products.  The bottles look good too, a classic white of their own, guaranteed to look good by the sink.  (You never know who's quietly taking inventory of these things.)