Box Set Blinders

As Winter draws in, it's time to retreat to the sofa. Here's our pick of the best TV box sets around...
Hamilton and Hare | The Journal | Homeland
HOMELAND - Series 4
Premiere Sunday October 12th
Carrie's back as Station Chief of the U.S Embassy in Kabul, with baby in tow. Rebooted and altogether less soap and more substance, this new series promises to be a leaner, meaner rollercoaster about the CIA and its fight against terrorism.
Watch the trailer HERE
Hamilton and Hare | The Journal | True Detective
HBO - Available on iTunes
Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaghey star as Louisiana criminal investigators in a complex, multi-layered mystery about the capture of a serial killer. Fantastic performances from both, beware it's impossible to watch just one episode. 
Watch trailer HERE
Hamilton and Hare | The Journal | Ray Donovan
Showtime - Series 1 and 2 available on iTunes
Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) is an enforcer of sorts, straightening out problems for rich and famous clients in LA. Sharply written with a touch of The Sopranos, it's sophisticated and fast-paced, if a little melodramatic. 
Watch trailer HERE