Best of British: Interview with Marwood London

Hamilton and Hare best of British: Marwood London

Marwood is a British accessories brand that specialises in ties, bow ties scarves and socks. Made by hand in the UK from English silks, wool and lace, they are a truly artisan and wholly British brand.
We spoke to co-founder and co-designer Becky French about and the origins of the brand, and why for them British is best.

Becky, tell us a little bit about your brand.
Marwood is a menswear accessories brand. We make all of our products in England using traditional manufacturers to create relevant accessories for a modern customer. We believe in making products to wear and treasure time and again. 
How important is this to you that your range is made in the UK using English materials?
As a designer I believe strongly in collaboration and using the best skills and techniques to create new products. In the UK we are lucky to have historic factories in all corners of the country that have honed their skills over many years. I want to work with these specialists and make accessories which utilise the best of British craftsmanship, when a product has historically been made here.
We love your summer range of ties. What’s your signature product?
The lace ties and bow ties have become a signature because it is a unique product that is associated with Marwood. Our graphic staircase pattern that is used in the tipping of each tie and is typical of Marwood's monochrome, graphic, pattern orientated aesthetic. 
What’s next for the brand?
We are focussing on our online shop and creating new products that will be exclusive to our shop. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service so we want to build on this and ensure we keep our online shop exciting and informative, offering newness for our loyal shoppers. We are also working on a 10 year book project which will be announced in the coming months.