The Beach Break

Moroccan Surf and Yoga camp.

Hamilton and Hare travelwearFor the ultimate escape trip, we recommend this surf and yoga retreat by London based travel company Fixers. Think yoga at sunrise, followed by a few hours in the Moroccan surf and a beer or two with your feet in the sand at the end of the day. Come home feeling more human than you have in years.

The Azores Islands

Hamilton and Hare travelwearLocated off the coast of Portugal are the Azores Islands, an archipelago of nine volcanic islands and the Atlantic’s best-kept secret. With dramatic landscapes and rugged basalt shores, they are a mecca for action types. Canyoning, kayaking and diving with manta rays are all on offer and there are no resorts so you really do feel off the beaten track. With the recent introduction of two low cost flights (Ryanair and Easyjet) we recommend booking now before the tourist influx begins.


Hamilton and Hare travelwearMykonos is overtaking Ibiza as the island of choice for jet-setting hedonists this summer. It’s well known for it's nightlife but don't let that distract from the beautiful island that it is. The perfect destination for those looking for a sun soaked, beach bar holiday.

What to pack:

Hamilton and Hare travelwear


(images: fixers-london.com, getty images, purple-travel.com, sunrisemykonos.gr)