The City Trip


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Copenhagen is the coolest kid on the Nordic block, famed for its culture, art, fashion and design scene. It’s also home to Noma, which was recently voted as the ‘world's best restaurant’ for the second time. We recommend taking in the city by bike – the transport of choice of the eco-conscious Danish.


Hamilton and Hare travelwear

Rich in history and culture, Istanbul is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that boasts beautiful architecture, a great street food scene and a lively nightlife and an up and coming art scene. We recommend a stay at the new Soho House outpost, if you can get a room.


Hamilton and Hare travelwear

If you’re looking for an Eastern European city break we recommend avoiding the tourist traps of Prague and Kraków and heading to the historic town of Lviv. This Unesco world heritage site is the country’s least Soviet and is steeped in history and charm; the perfect destination for an off-the beaten track city break.


What to pack:

Hamilton and Hare travelwear

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