Downtime with The Nomadic Gentleman

To celebrate the launch of our new loungewear collection we sat down with some of the best industry insiders from the world of menswear for an insight into life behind the lens and what they like to do and wear in their downtime.
Hamilton and Hare feature the Nomadic Gentleman
Chris Chasseaud prides himself in not having followed a traditional route into menswear blogging, with a background in graphic design and art direction. His blog offers a true and honest insight into the world of men’s fashion. The self-confessed football lover tell us more about the other side of this nomadic gentleman.

Beyond the shows and the travel, we know there is a lot more to being a blogger. What is a typical day for you?
I don't exactly consider myself a blogger but it’s the nature of the beast to have those terms if you write your own blog. A typical day includes a lot of emails, planning and writing. I do a mixture of things such as contributing and consulting so the blog allows me a little more freedom to write a mixture of content that I want to publish. But I tend to do most of my 'blogging' in my spare time.

 Behind the creative blogposts, great insights and features, we often wonder what goes on when the ‘cameras are off’. Could you tell us a little more about what you get up to in you spare time?
I love sport, so I'm always reading the sports news and watching whenever I can. I also dabble in fantasy football which can get a little obsessive. I also like to read, which is a great form of escapism. I also go to the gym or go for a run to clear my mind.

Your blog often focuses the discovery of new brands and products that resonate with
 you. How you dress in your downtime is always seen to be secondary, is this the case for you? 
When not wearing a suit or tie, I tend to wear jeans and t-shirt. I really like my denim. But I'm also searching for the 'best' t-shirt and have been collecting a nice mix of t-shirts in that quest. 

The Nomadic Gentleman Edit

Hamilton and Hare style picks from the Nomadic GentShop the edit:
White Cotton Pocket T-shirt
Grey Boxing Robe (coming soon)
Classic White Boxer Shorts