Downtime with Gary Singh, Editor of Entouraaj

To celebrate the launch of our new loungewear collection we sat down with some of the best industry insiders from the world of menswear for an insight into life behind the lens and what they like to do and wear in their downtime.

Hamilton and Hare feature Entouraaj editor
Gary Singh editor of Entouraaj, a platform for contemporary men of South Asian origin, many of whom are British, and underrepresented within the industry of mainstream fashion. 

Q: Maintaining a great site like Entouraaj isn’t easy. Especially one with a strong focus and branded vision. So, what is a typical day for you?
Haha - yes, it's definitely not easy. The more the interest in our brand grows, there is greater sense of responsibility to up the ante and quality and of our work. I work continuously between 9am and 4pm and then between 8pm to 10pm dependent on workload and deadlines. I will usually start the day checking and responding to emails and managing our social media accounts. Then it will often vary between client calls and meetings, publishing new posts and setting an editorial agenda/strategy for the week.

Behind the insightful blogposts, and features, we often wonder what goes on when the ‘cameras are off’. Could you tell us a little more about what you get up to in you spare time?
Well Entouraaj.com has a fashion focus and it can therefore be difficult for me to switch off because of course, this is an industry I genuinely have a passion for. But I also have a passion for health and fitness and I work out 5 times a week. This really helps divert my attention and focus to another interest for my personal development as opposed to my business development. Having said that I am extremely target driven with this too and so I like to travel as well - this is the only way I can truly relax.

How you dress in your downtime is always seen to be secondary, is this the case for you? 
How I dress in my downtime never used to be of any real significance to me, but that has since changed. I take real pride in aspiring to dress down as well as I dress up. It is an easier accomplishment in some ways to dress formally, as there is a relatively straightforward template for men to adhere to e.g. blazer/suit, pocket square and formal shoes/loafers. I believe one can be more explorative and expressive in their style choices with casual wear. Regardless, I always intend to look crisp, clean and well presented, whether I am in sportswear or a tuxedo.


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