Tubular Underwear

Cutting edge tubular seamfree technology combined with the finest cotton fibres for incredible barely-there comfort.

Working with natural cotton fibres and 8-yarn tubular knit looms, normally reserved for technical sportswear, each item is woven in one continuous piece. This seamless construction delivers a unique lightweight structure and unparalleled softness.

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Tubular Crew Neck Tee - White


Tubular Crew Neck Tee Navy


Tubular V-Neck Tee Navy - Hamilton and Hare Ltd

Tubular V-Neck Tee Navy


"This Blazer is now an essential part of my airport routine. I don't travel without it!" Tyler Brule - Monocle

Designed in London and made in Portugal, the development process involved rigorous testing and experimentation with stretch and feel to achieve unbeatable comfort.

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