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The Ultimate Men's Underwear Style Guide

The Ultimate Men's Underwear Style Guide

Let our team walk you through the different styles of mens underwear, from boxer shorts to performance.

Wondering which type of mens underwear is the right one? Some people pick a favourite and stick with it, others like to rotate depending on the occasion. Finding the right underwear may come down to body shape or simply personal preference, there are no hard rules, but let’s run through a few brief pointers on each style. And yes, that pun was intentional.


Boxer Short

The most famous of all. Named after the shorts boxers wear in the ring (incidentally, the Hare in our name is a reference to the famous boxing hare character), mens boxer shorts come with a roomier fit, making them perfect for those who like to hang unrestricted and free. 

Our 100% cotton boxer shorts were the first item we ever made, and they’re still our best seller. We also do a soft jersey cotton version. Both are finished with a natural corozo nut button fly. 

Pros: Perfect for mid length trousers, denim and joggers. 

Cons: Despite the boxing connotations, cotton boxer shorts aren’t ideal for exercise. Choose Performance instead. 


Boxer Brief

Fitted. Compact. Reliable. The boxer brief is another mainstay of the underwear drawer. The fabric on a boxer brief is pulled tighter across the body due to the close fit, so cheaply made pairs are notorious for ripping and tearing, which is never a good look. Ours are made from a durable and sustainable lyocell-cotton blend, giving better comfort and quality all round.

Pros: A great pair fits like a second skin and goes well under any trouser. 

Cons: The snug fit doesn’t appeal to everybody. If that’s you, try boxer shorts.



At first sight the differences between the trunk and boxer brief are subtle: both are snug and compact with a good amount of stretch. The difference is in the fit: trunks are longer in the leg which holds them in place, and have a lower waistband, which is flattering if you’re of a slimmer build. Our trunks are completely seam-free, so they fit like a second skin with no chance of irritation.

Pros: Super comfortable and versatile. A good all-rounder. 

Cons: Those with larger builds may find them unflattering. Try a boxer short instead.



The classic white brief is perhaps the most widely recognised mens underwear style of all time. With an even shorter leg than the boxer brief, they hold everything in place with full support. This feels too snug for some, but the added freedom around the thigh can be especially useful for those with an active lifestyle. 

Pros: Holds everything in place with full freedom of movement in the thigh. Good for exercise. 

Cons: The marmite of the mens underwear world. You either love the look or you don’t. 


Long Johns

Named after an infamous boxer who’d fight in his underwear, long johns are a full bottom-half base layer worn in cold weather. Some wear them over their regular underwear, others treat them as though they are underwear. It doesn’t really matter, but like any garment worn so close to the skin, natural fibres will prevent irritation. Our are 100% cotton, so they’re soft and durable. 



Performance underwear is made especially for high intensity workouts and sports, which means using sweat-wicking fabric with plenty of stretch. We designed the ActiveTrunk to get the most out of gym sessions, with seamless tech and a longer leg.

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