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Tour the Tour.  What to do, eat, see and read.

Tour the Tour. What to do, eat, see and read.

Tour de France London 2014, Hamilton & Hare recommends

Tour de France London 2014, Hamilton and Hare recommends

Lazy is not a word ever associated with the Tour de France but when we sat down to write our London Tour de France guide we noticed that Urban Junkies had already done a better one in association with Oakley.  So instead of competing we thought we would just hitch ourselves to that team.  After all, for the Tour it's all in the team.  You can call us lazy but really it just means we have more time to bring you the best boxers in the business.  Read their guide here.  If you would like to read or watch around your topic and bring some good info to the inevitable doping discussions we recommend the following: watch 'Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist' (also available on iTunes) a documentary about flamboyant Italian hero Pantani, still the only man to win the Giro and the Tour in the same year, his fall from grace and his subsequent death, or read either 'Racing Through the Dark: the Fall and Rise of David Millar' about a British cyclist and how he dealt with doping, being found out, the fall out and his subsequent recovery or 'The Secret Race' by Tyler Hamilton, a team mate of Lance Armstrong which gives great context on how sophisticated and advanced the drug ring that Lance ran was (or anything by David Walsh whose 12 year fight to expose Armstrong nearly cost him everything).  Or you can spend the next few weeks asking 'where's Wiggo'?

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