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sustainability + factories

We've built Hamilton + Hare around a few key principles to ensure sustainability remains at the core of our business.
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natural fibre fabrics
We use sustainably sourced natural fibres from certified European mills
Natural fabrics are superior to synthetics in terms of quality and feel against the skin. They are also biodegradable, unlike synthetics such as polyester, spandex and acrylic.
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a transparent supply chain
All our clothing is made in Portugal in small-scale, family-run factories
We have a close relationship with all of our factories and visit regularly to ensure the best working conditions, minimal waste, and excellent quality.
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built to last
Our goal is to make clothes that become wardrobe favourites
We believe in investing in quality, caring for things, and keeping them for a long time.
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most of our factories are in a beautiful rural area called Guimarães, just outside of Porto. It’s green and lush almost all year round with eucalyptus and pine trees flanking the roads

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meet Sergio

Sergio runs our underwear factory, a team of 60 skilled workers including machinists, cutters and finishers. He’s a huge football fan and a pretty sharp dresser too.
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meet Odette

Odette runs our woven pyjama factory. The factory is actually set up in a neighbourhood house because it helps the staff, who are mainly mums, to be able to walk to work and juggle childcare. We loved Odette’s unique approach to manufacturing and the quality of our pyjamas is testament to the care from her team.