about us– Hamilton and Hare

What you wear is how you feel

Underwear never gets its day in the sun, quite literally.
But it’s the first thing you put on, the last thing you take off so why overlook something as fundamental as underwear?

This is the idea at the heart of Hamilton and Hare, founded in 2014 with the sole aim of making men’s underwear better. Since then we’ve expanded our approach to loungewear, sleepwear and other considered essentials with the same focus on feel-good natural fabrics and absolute comfort.

Comfort is Confidence

Most of us probably don’t think all that much about our underwear. The only exception to that is when you have a particularly uncomfortable pair and then it’s all you can think about. You can’t feel confident if you don’t feel comfortable, and a lot of us needlessly put up with bad underwear. We believe a good day starts with good underwear.

We’re Not Looking to Make a Big Impact

We’re increasingly aware of the toll garment manufacture has on the environment, and underwear is easily one of the worst offenders. It’s cheap, frequently discarded, and usually made using synthetic fibres that leach into our environment. We set out to make underwear better.

Making well-designed, long-lasting underwear from natural fibres isn’t a radical idea, but it is a good one.