• Designed in London and made using small outerwear specialist producers in England and Europe, we are able to achieve a superior product to mass-market manufacturers by circumventing category limitations.



Our progressive approach to the category starts with our fabrics. We source fabrics from all over Europe, combining the best natural fibres with cutting edge technology to achieve unparalleled comfort and performance.

Premium Egyptian cottons, natural plant fibres and more traditional luxury raw materials such as silk and cashmere are combined with modern weaving technology and finishing processes.

These innovative fabrics feel incredible on the skin and also offer excellent technical performance.



Fit is of the utmost importance to us. Comfortable clothing has traditionally meant loose-fitting, imprecise silhouettes and ‘one size fits all’ shapes. We believe there is another way.

Ease of movement

Borrowing from the sportswear category and boxing particularly, our approach delivers body-conscious comfort with ease of movement achieved through technical garment construction and precise, considered shapes.

In the mirror

The result of this approach is comfortable clothing that looks good in the mirror too.