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Subscription FAQs

Hamilton and Hare subscriptions are completely flexible. You can also skip deliveries, update your delivery address, cancel your subscription, or perform a multitude of other actions with your subscription at any time.


1.Can I cancel my subscription? 

Yes of course, If you no longer want to receive this product, click on "Cancel subscription" by logging into your account.


2. Can I skip an upcoming delivery? 

If want to take a break, click on "Skip" from your account and we will not send you your next delivery and skip to the following.


3. Do I find out what i'm receiving each month before it ships?

Yes, you'll get an email three days before your ship date that shows you the pair you're set to receive.


4. How do I manage my subscription?

You will be asked to create an account when completing the checkout. You will just need to insert your email and create a password.

Alternatively, you can 'create account' by accessing this page from the top navigation on the homepage of our website.

You can manage all aspects related to your upcoming delivery in the "Subscriptions and Orders" section of the Account area.

Click on "Edit" if you want to modify your subscription order. You can update the following;

- Change product size and quantity.

- Delivery frequency - the intervals which your order will be sent to you.

- Dispatch date - the date when your order will be sent to you.

- Shipping and billing details.


4.Can I add a new product to my subscription?

If you want to add a new product to your next delivery:

(a) Open the subscription you want to add a product to by clicking on 'subscriptions' section in our account and click 'add product'.

(b) Select the product you wish to add from our range.

(c) Select your quantity, delivery frequency and delivery address.

(d) Click 'add product'.


4. When am I charged for my subscription?

You will be charged and your order will be processed on the date of purchase. You will be subsequently charged on the next 30, 60 or 90 days depending on your delivery frequency.