Sustainable Clothing

 Natural, sustainably-sourced fabrics, from certified mills.  

Made with care in Portugal by people we really know.


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Being ‘sustainable' is an ever-moving target but we are committed to the journey. We’ve started with natural-sourced fabrics from certified mills, near-shore production, carbon neutral shipping and recyclable packaging. But there is always more to be done. As a smaller independent company we are able to build close relationships with our partners and make improvements more nimbly than others. This gives us great satisfaction and ambition to keep improving.


Our Priorities:

1. Natural fabrics - If it came from the earth it can go back to the earth. 98% of our fabrics are made from sustainability sourced natural fibres. We believe in the importance of using natural fibres, not only for their superior quality, but also because of our responsibility to limit the demand and production of synthetic textiles. This is an approach we have taken in contrast to the majority of the men’s underwear market which is made with much cheaper synthetic fibres derived from petrochemicals including polyester, nylon, acrylic and spandex. These fabrics are highly engineered, will not biodegrade and also leach harmful plastic microfibres into the water supply during the laundry cycle.
2. Sustainably-sourced cotton - Cotton is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable making it a good environmental choice for 70% of our collection. However, the cotton industry has come under scrutiny for its use of pesticides and negative social impact. We are doing our best to help change that. All our cotton suppliers subscribe to the 'Better Cotton Initiative’. This is a global non-for-profit organisation that’s aim is to regulate and promote better cotton production from a holistic point of view. Farmer training programmes reduce water consumption, promote biodiversity and helps growers to use their land responsibly. It also works to improve the social impact of the industry with better working conditions and fair wages. 

3. Transparency - All our clothing is made in Europe in small scale, family-run factories and certified mills in Portugal. We have a close relationship with all of them and really do know who made our clothes. It's important to visit our factories regularly to ensure good working conditions, less wastage and excellent quality as a priority.
4. Against fast fashion - We are big believers in the buy less, buy better philosophy and this is particularly unique in the underwear sector which has been dominated the mass-produced, fast fashion approach. All our clothing is made to last with premium quality fabrics and an avid attention to detail.

If you would like to know more about our sustainability endeavours or make any suggestions on how we can be better please get touch at

Here's to tomorrow.

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